TIE Board of Directors

Gilbert A. Clark
TIE Director
President, TIE International

Freeman Dyson

Mary Cragg
Administrative Manager

Dan Campion
President, U.S. TIE

Nicholas Paizis
TIE Technology Manager

Randy Norrick
Site Selection Director

Operational Sites:

Norrick Peak, AZ - Operational

Request Observation Time:

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TIE General Email

The TIE User's Guide and Workbook for Scholastic Programs and Amateur Studies:

Getting Started:

TIE is currently operational with a telescope at Norrick Peak, AZ and is working on putting online a telescope in Australia. Detailed equipment information for Australia will be available in the future.

Norrick Peak, AZ - Equipment List

Pentax 125 SDHF 800mm
FLI 16803 Proline Camera
FLI Atlas Focuser
FLI Centerline Filter Wheel LRGBHa

Pentax 75 SDHF Guide Scope
SBIG 540 Guide camera

Astro-Physics 1200 Mount

Software Requirements:

Teamviewer 10
Solid Internet Connection
Local programs - once logged into local server

Observation Planning:

There are many programs available to help you plan your observing session.

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