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Gilbert A. Clark
TIE Director
President, TIE International

Freeman Dyson

Mary Cragg
Administrative Manager

Dan Campion
President, U.S. TIE

Nicholas Paizis
TIE Technology Manager

Randy Norrick
Site Selection Director

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Telescopes in Education (TIE) Historical Highlights

The Telescopes In Education (TIE) project has been in successful operation since the early 1990's.

During that time:

- In 1999, Telescopes In Education enabled over 10,850 students in over 380 schools located in 25 states of the United States to conduct astronomical observations and real research through the remote operation of automated 14" and 24" professional-quality telescopes on Mount Wilson, California.

- Over 25 schools in 6 countries have participated in the TIE program, thereby promoting multicultural experiences with students and schools in the United States.

- TIE was recipient of the 1996 Rolex Award for Enterprise for Applied Sciences and Invention. This award resulted from an international competition consisting of more than 2400 applicants, worldwide. TIE director, Gilbert A. Clark, was one of only five laureates honored in 1996.

- TIE received the 1996 NASA Group Achievement Award. TIE director, Gilbert A. Clark, received the 1996 NASA Exceptional Achievement Medal, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) Award for Excellence, and the JPL NOVA (Notable Organizational Value-Added) Award for his work on TIE. In 1998 noted JPL astronomer Eleanor "Glo" Helin named asteroids in honor of both Gilbert A. Clark and Lori L. Paul, TIE outreach coordinator.

- TIE director, Gilbert A. Clark, received the Clifford W. Holmes Award for Innovative Telescope Design on behalf of TIE.

- Soka University in Japan awarded Gilbert A. Clark their highest achievement medal and proclamation in recognition of the international contribution TIE has made to education and peace.

- The TIE website has received several awards, including: Education Index 1998 Outstanding Education-Related Website; 1998 Web Master Gold Award and Web Master Gold: Wall of Honor ("Wall of Honor websites have reached the pinnacle in visual, functional, meaningful, and relevant content in WWW communications."); Griffith Observatory Star Award June 1998 ("The best astronomy sites on the WWW presenting useful, thorough, and accurate information in a well-organized and attractive way, making the sky more accessible.")

- The TIE project has been extensively covered by the print and broadcast media, including the following publications (in alphabetical order): Astronomy (twice), Atlantic Monthly, Audubon, Boys Life, Microelectronics, National Geographic, Natural History, Nature, Popular Science, Science Education (British Council), Scientific American, Sky & Telescope (9 times), Smithsonian, and hundreds of European magazines and journals. TIE aired as a feature story on the premiere of Microsoft NBC News, the Sci-Fi Channel Inside Space science program, and has been widely covered by other televised news programs. TIE has been referenced in over 8,000 publications, websites, and broadcast media.